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drilling station





on the basis of the existing one bases of hydrogeological materials of the enterprise




preparatory, workshop works (purchasing materials, making filters, individual constructive nodes)

drill wells

construction of a pumping station (installation pump, system control pump)

connecting to the water supply


transfer of technical documentation (Passport wells, acts of hidden works)

recommendations for exploitation of wells and equipment

Wells industrial.

For centralized water supply, industrial and agricultural enterprises driling wells with high productivity (debit) and guarantee quality.

The design of the wells depends on Your starting conditions and geological section area..

Drilling wells are made by self-propelled drilling units 1BA15V, URB2,5.




Rotary with direct flushing

Rotary with backwash

Depth, m

10 – 500 m

10 – 150 m

Price * uah. by racing meter

from 850 UAH / pog.m.

from 2100 UAH / pog.m.

Diameter drill, мм

190,5 – 520 mm

295,3 – 393,7 mm

Flow wells, m3/h.

10 – 60 m3/h.

30 – 120 м3/h.

Additional special machinery

water tank with capacity to the 6m3, excavator, truck crane

water tank with capacity on 6m3, compressor with output pressure 10-15Atm / productivity 15-34м3 / min. excavator, truck crane


price, depth

debit, speed performance works


debit, speed performance works


* The price includes drill, casing wells and pumping. Price wells depends on depth bedding water, the location of your site, quality materials.

Drilling household wells on the water and them arrangement

We are engaged in drilling wells on the water of small diameter for private persons on the land plots productivity to the m 3/ h. with the use steel pipes PVC, steel pipes.

The cost of drill on 320 uah. by 1 racing meter.

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           The active development of heat and power engineering has recently led to the fact that the negative impact on the environment has increased significantly. First of all, the main part of emissions into the environment is the activity of thermal power stations, which use coal and fuel oil as the main fuel. Particularly high share of emissions from fuel oil heating plants, as they worsen the ecological situation on the territory of their installation, which in many cities is far from perfect. In this regard, there are global developments of new types of population maintenance of heat energy, while not causing significant damage to the environment. Already, many thermal power plants are transferred to gas. Now the number of such thermal power plants is sufficient and continues to increase. Their application can significantly improve the environmental situation. Particularly large their role in cities with large metallurgical capacities, which strongly affect the state of the environment. However, despite the active use of heat and power plants operating on gas, they still can not smooth those negative disproportions in the structure of providing heat energy, since the proportion of gas thermal power plants is relatively small compared with conventional types of thermal power plants. Therefore, at the present time, other types of heat sources are beginning to be used to provide heat in homes, among which the most widespread application was heat supply on the basis of geothermal heat pumps.

         Geothermal heating is a heat production heat energy on the based application of natural factors. They are the basis for the generation heat energy, which enters in the homes of the inhabitants..

The basis of geothermal heat supply is a heat pump, that provides the generation and transportation of heat energy. In most cases
geothermal heat pumps are located in the room, and in the ground drops heat exchanger. They use ground water, which, passing through the pump, is heated, them selves providing support in the homes of residents of a stable and constant temperature, which provides comfortable accommodation. Their advantage lies in the fact, what they not only provide the delivery of heat, but besides this and hot water, while this does not have a negative impact on the environment.

Geothermal heatinga fundamentally new kind of heating, that distributed not very widely, but a gradual understanding them importance for preserving ecological environment leads to the them wide application geothermal heating and geothermal heat pumpsin the basis of quality heat supply cities.

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